Why Abortion Is So Grievous?

There are very few issues more divisive in this country than the abortion debate.  It comes up in every election debate, Presidents are elected based on their stance on abortion.  Despite the fact that abortion has been legal in the country for years, several states have done everything they could to restrict a woman’s access to abortion services.  No matter which side of the abortion you come down on there is still grief after the abortion.  Why is abortion so grievous?  Here are some of the reasons.

Common feelings a woman experiences after abortion

After an abortion most women report that what they feel is relief, however that feeling of relief is rarely permanent.  Every situation in which a woman chooses to have an abortion is unique.  Immediately after the feeling of relief often comes the feeling of deep sadness.  On the one hand a woman is relieved that the ordeal is over with, on the other side of that is the deep sadness even for women who are prochoice.  Experiencing these feelings at the same time can lead to very deep confusion.

What is the impact of an abortion

Despite abortion being legal there is still a very huge stigma attached to having an abortion.  Most women don’t tell anyone that they have terminated their pregnancy, and that includes the father.

Discussing your feelings or talking about the situation with friends is almost impossible because of huge emotional responses that are attached to any conversation surrounding abortion.  It can take years before a woman comes to terms with the situation, most are never given the opportunity to grieve.  Once the procedure is over with it is implied that your feelings should be over with too and that simply isn’t the case.

Not being able to grieve

Women choose to have an abortion for a variety of reasons, and not all of them are simple cases of an unwanted pregnancy.  In either case a woman is left without the ability to grieve openly, nor can they have their grief validated.  They experience loss but are still denied the ability to grieve.  Denying your grief can lead to depression, and anger.  Women don’t often connect their anger or depression to their unprocessed grief.

Many woman often decide to numb the pain of anger and depression with drugs and alcohol.  This exacerbates the feelings of depression and leads to addiction.  Abortion, regardless where you fall in the debate is it still a grievous event.

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